Saturday, February 12, 2011

Was That Really A Year Ago???

We all remember the amazing Olympics of 2010.

I guess when you've been to many Olympic places, you learn lots about it. Like...

-You learn what places held the Olympics and at which time
-You learn a lot of valuable U.S. History.
-You become REALLY obsessed with sports.

And FINALLY.....

-You become excited to visit Olympic places!

Well today marks the one year mark of Vancouver 2010. here is a post on the very day the Olympics came on.

Olympic ceremonies make me very happy and excited, and trust me, it shows. I can only list the 29 posts that talk about it. But you'd get bored. (Besides, who has time for that? Maybe I do, but still.)

Olympic ceremonies also make me sad. Especially the closing ceremony. First of all, the closing is mainly about the next Olympics, and I was very disappointed with last year's ending ceremony. Russia is hosting the games next year, and well, they've had their fair share of hosting. I mean, I can only think:

-They hosted the games in 1976.
-They hosted the games catrillion times before that.

Okay... that wasn't completely accurate, but they've had the Olympics too many times. It's almost--- no, it IS annoying.

Anyway, the last ceremony is sad, because (especially when you don't like the country that hosts next) everything fun has come to an end, and it's time to get back to the normal TV schedule. Get back to real life.

I don't always like the opening ceremony. (The one in Beijing, China was really cool, though! Good one, China! Ni Hao!) It makes me feel that things would be a lot better if I were actually there. It makes me feel a little unimportant to be a spectator. I'd much rather be the athlete.

But yeah! That was really a year ago!

February 12, 2010-February 12, 2011

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