Saturday, February 5, 2011

Prepping For Fine Arts...

... And I'm totally hating it. I'm trying to find a song to sing, since it's turned out that it will probably be my only Fine Arts event this year. It's so frustrating!

None of the songs in the poll are working for me. Everyone sings too high or too low. None of the keys are good for me. I must have a really odd voice, because nothing fits it. And whatever does, I can't do it for certain reasons.

"Set The World On Fire" was a song I was really looking forward to. Can't sing it, because even the low key is too high for me once I start singing the chorus.
Right now I'm listening to "Lovely Traces" by Krystal Meyers, because she's one of the rare human beings who sing in my key. And now.. I think I found "the one!!!!" YES!!!!!

Here, comment if you like this song:
"Lovely Traces". Krystal Meyers. The perfect key for me, or else I'll get low key. Who knows, because I haven't sang it yet.

Tell me what you think!


  1. I think that you should sing thats what faith can do thats what my sister and her elija did for fine arts last year

  2. I would agree, but if she already sang it, it would be awkward for me to sing it.

    Why? Everyone at church heard her sing.
    If I sing it not as good as she did, or slightly better, (doesn't matter, she's still awesome!) then it will cause some people to favor certain people. Some will like Elijah and Maddie's version better, some will like mine better. It's best to find a different song.

    But, thanks, Colin! I appreciated your comment! And you helped me a lot on deciding on songs similar to it!


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