Monday, February 21, 2011

Mispell Munday~Sew Over It

Here's my mispelled story. It's about my trip to Columbus, Ohio to the 4-H Center for my sewing project.
dno't say the wrod "sew" ever agian. all day on Saturday i was at the 4-H Center in Columbus wtih my freind Riana. Riana was in a diffrent class tahn me bu tnxet yaer i'm gonna be in her class becuase mine was too smiple.

but i tihnk yuo'll enojy smoe of the tihngs i sewed.

 Tihs is my pilolw csae i mdae. ain't it pirty? class ran an huor ltae becuase it was supsoed to end at 2 but Riana's class ran on tmie but mine ended an huor late and it wasn't over 'til 3. Riana mdae a clucth/pruse so se ended on tmie but she's an advanecd sew-er so she siad her class was kinda easy too and tehy shuold taech advaneced classes too. that way she cuold laern new tihngs in advanecd class and i can laern new tihngs in intermedaite class. she'll always be a level hihger tahn me but i'd lkie to mvoe up to her class.
 tihs is a shirt i mdae bcak in smumer. ("Back to December..." yeah, more like back to Summer!) i got second palce in modeling at the Style Revue and smae for my porject. it's a shirt i can waer summr after summer.
and fianlly, (right) here are my NEW sissors. not jsut any knid. they're sewing scissors! Oh my gosh! and wehn i got tehm for my door prize, i was like:

"Whatever, I have two pairs of sewing scissors at home".

but nooo. tehse are Gingher scissors maening tehy are lkie, the most expensive scissors ever. and tehy cut very well. (not taht i've used tehm yet... but tehy look GREAT! and Riana---pronounced like "Rihanna"---won buttrefly pins!)

the pilolw tihngy is a pin cushoin i mdae all by myself.
That's my mispelled post! I got accepted to BookSneeze.Com and the first book I'm gonna review is "A Conversation With God For Women". I debated on getting it for the fact that it's not a children's book and it's not fiction. I know that I might have to skip over a few parts. But I figured me and my mom could read it as a Bible Study or little daily devotion! (we do devotions on mornings when she's not working.) And then, I might just give the book to an adult lady who wants it, but no promises because my mom LOVES books, so she might want it.

And I'm so excited to show you my interview with Jeff Booth @ RandomNess Friday! (Remember to check the blog on Saturday, not Friday.

When it comes to blogging, I'm not sew over it...

I'm sew into it!

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