Thursday, February 24, 2011

My 387th Post... ON My Birthday!

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Okay, if you look at my countdown WAAAY far down, you see that it's not my birthday.

It's not my birthday.

But it is someone's birthday.

In fact, it's not anyone's birthday.

So who's birthday is it?
Happy birthday to you...

Happy birthday to you...

Happy birthday to YOUR BLOG: MY LIFE AND YOURS...

Happy birthday to you!

How old are you? (2)

How old are you? (2)

How old are you? (2)

How old are you? (2)
Happy birthday, YOUR BLOG: MY LIFE AND YOURS! And to anyone who wants to send a birthday wish, it's easy: just post a comment.

It could've been a better blogging birthday. There have been times when I've been accused of things someone else should be accused of, sometimes even more than I deserved it. But hey, there are a list of things I've learned in life, and now I know one more thing.

1. You'll never get everything you want
2. If you get what you want always, you'll almost never be satisfied.
3. You can't live your life trying to be perfect. (I'm working on that one...)
4. If you don't trust God, then who can you trust?
5. Just because you aren't Beyonce, doesn't mean you're a failure.
6. Justin Bieber does have talent, he just doesn't always use it the right way.
7. "You can never say never..." (fave The Fray song!) even though I just said never on #1 and #2.
8. Ain't, technically, is a word.
9. Sometimes you'll be blamed for something that wasn't your fault.
10. Christians shouldn't hate.
11. Despite #10, people will hate you anyway, and you have to learn to live with it.
12. Everyone is unlikeable and unfriendable. No one is the perfect friend.
13. The list goes on for every lesson you learn.
14. No one is completely satisfied with their appearance, so most likely you look fine.
15. Everyone gets depressed, some more than others.
16. If you spend time beating yourself up over tiny things, you'll become bitter.
17. Just forgive yourself.
18. But you can't earn forgiveness, despite #17.
19. The only way to get yourself out of a situation is a real relationship with God.
20. Only trust God.
21. Everyone lies. If someone lies once, take your trust down a notch, but don't remove it.
22. Don't listen to everything you hear.
23. People will try to act like they have authority over you, but you have to take a stand.
24. Let love in.
25. People will get rewards that you know you should've gotten.
26. You have to deal with #25 many times in your life, and it sucks.
27. You'll get yelled at and someone who deserved to be yelled at will be "the only exception."
28. #27 is never fair. How could they get an exception when you try so hard and they don't?
29. Don't sign up for something when you have too much already to handle.
30. If your heart isn't in it, why do it?
31. If you aren't willing to do the work for it, don't do it.
32. Despite #27-28, (it was all about the same thing) you have to hold in your opinion and hope that who was yelling will see that there is no fault in you. (Besides, why talk back when venting in your journal is much more fun and educational? and you can gossip and the person will never know)
33. Your perfect days will pretty much always be ruined.
34. Rebound, and it can be a perfect day again.

And newly added to the list...

35. Life isn't fair now, and it never will be.
Sorry about that, it's just been tough today. So yeah, some blog anniversary wishes would make me smile.

I need a hug,

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