Friday, February 18, 2011

RandomNess Friday~Swagger in the City

What is it like to be a child living the right way in a northern city of Ohio? It's hard. Living with one parent, being an eighth-grader, a teenager, and living in a bad city (in most places), the list could go on. Just ask Doug Smith any day what he's doing to make a difference in Cleveland, Ohio.
Everyone, meet my cousin, Douglas. He has grown up in Cleveland all his life. Long time ago, his father, Douglas Sr., was in the Marines and lived in North Carolina. But he missed Cleveland, and so did Karen. (my aunt Kay Kay.) So Doug Jr. is in Ohio, and he tells us what he's doing to make his life count, whether he's in martial arts, on Facebook, or walking on the streets everyday in his beloved city of Cleveland.
What belt are you in Kung Fu?
I am a first degree green... it's fighting and all that kinda stuff.

What would you say to encourage young Kung Fu-ers?
Train hard and descipline yourself.

Do you have any Olympic goals? (if you're wondering, he knows I'm an Olymp-addict.)
Hmmm... OMG, yes, I would like to show some of my talent at the Olympics. (and some stuff about beating his nephew, who is my second cousin, Bryan on a treadmill.)

When it comes to loving your family "like money", exactly how much do they mean to you?
Umm... like a gazillion dollars, to be honest, when I have a lot of money, I feel sick, like I'm gona throw up.

And why is that?
Because it feels like that I need to share it and I'm just too young to have that much money.

Have you ever considered giving to the poor? Doing charity (get it? Charity?) work? Tithing? Etcetera?
Yes. Because that comes back and it's greater than what you have, sometimes, in some cases.

Would you consider Cleveland as a city in need?
Definitely, yes. But not as bad as Harlem is, or the Bronx.

What can someone like you do to make a change?
Do everything like it's your last time, try to be as civilized as you can, and remember to worship the LORD.

Thanks, Doug! You have great interviewing skills!
That was Doug's interview! Sorry, Doug, for interviewing you on Christmas and just now putting this on the blog.

Doug does have a lot of money for a fourteen-year-old who doesn't have a job. On Christmas he got a lot of money, (I got money too, from Uncle Dale) and the next day he ended up sick. He sure wasn't kidding.

Prayer Focus: Cleveland, OH; and Detroit, MI.

We can make a difference... even in Dayton!

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