Monday, February 14, 2011

Mispell Munday~Good Morning, Valentine!

It's not the morning, but happy Valentine's Day! Remember Saint Valentine! (I'd talk about him now, but it's hard to mispell a long story.)

Am I your valentine? Maybe not, but you're my valentine, Valentine! Have a great day!

Good morning, good morning, TO YOU!:D
i wnet tbuing and it was so fun. it's lkie sldeding but you are in a tbue. my yuoth gruop wnet and we ad a balst. i mianly hnug out w/ Naithan and Maria and Autumn and Kalie and of cuorse, DREWWWW!!!! we all enjeoyed it. at one piont wehn we cuoldn't sled anymroe we got mroe tubes and plyaed on an icy hill. and Stewart Parrot was giong dwon and he borke the wooden fence. we did not get in truoble thuogh.
That was my Mispelled Story! Now, here's something else.... now that you've had a brain exercise, in proper Grammar.

Oh gosh... that is SO funny! As you can see, two of our Blogspot Awards nominees, Airplanes (B.o.B. and Hayley Williams) and The Only Exception (Paramore) were featured. But HERE'S what's funny...

go to 0:30. I was at Kayla's house and she showed us this video and she said there's a random kid shaking HIS hips. Yes, take note I said HIS!!!! It's hilarious! Like, the way Kayla reenacted it was funny, but since she's a girl, it's okay for her to shake her hips.

But NOOOOOO.......

This kid is A BOY. And Kayla was like, circling her hips,


This kid was like, BOUNCING HIS HIPS!!!!

We kept replaying his part and it got to the point where I laughed so hard I just broke down crying! Trust me, I think you'll laugh too.
I'm listed! I'm the "blogatmyfingertips" one at the very top!

And guess what? My two-year birthday is coming up!!! I had just turned ten when I began blogging... can you believe how fast years go by????

I'll See Ya Guys Later.

"We're gonna rock this club like it's dynamite<3!"

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