Thursday, February 10, 2011

Let's Not Talk... Okay, I'll Talk.

Remember my beautiful Chrysler 300 that I'm sure I've bragged blogged about? Yeah. One word: Crash.

We were driving, me and my dad, and passing an intersection. A car on the other side of the intersection hit us--- the exact side of the car that I was on.

You're lucky that I'm not blogging from a hospital, but now my shoulder really hurts.

And I was late for volleyball.

Both of us were fine, but the problem is that it might be ruled as my dad's fault. Not that it is, though. So yeah, it was a tough day.

But Lexi's doing better, I won my volleyball game, and I get to go tubing on Saturday!

Plus, tomorrow is "RandomNess Friday" again! I'm blogging about celeb look-alikes! So it's not so random if I plan ahead, is it? Oh well.... I like it.

So I'm loving life, healing from a bad shoulder, and I know that tomorrow is a new day!

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