Sunday, February 6, 2011

Superbowl XLV Fashion For The Party!

You've got all the cosmetics, fragrance, and technology. Now, update your fashion for your party! Because your fashion is only as good as the reaction it gets when you walk in.

These high heel boots are jack wagon crazy awesome! Yeah, that was weird for me to say. These boots are probably over a hundred dollars, but you can score more--- for less!
Would you believe me if I told you that I wear my mom's boots? They are really cute. (at least I think they are.) They are not like these, and knowing my mom, she probably bought them at a garage sale. But mine (ah hem... I mean Mom's) are like these, but the pattern is different. Tip? Don't go by the book. Forget what Seventeen and Vogue say, you rule your own fashion world! Don't wear what they wear on 90210 or Glee, because you can switch up your fashion--- sometimes for free! You see high heel boots, but if you have high heel boots, it's okay if they don't look like these. Let me be frank with you: I don't own those boots. I don't even own the picture! As long as you have high heel boots, it's okay.

Fitting into Your Life: Don't have high heel boots? Wear normal, flat-footed boots. They're way more comfy, anyway!
Fitting into Your Size: High heel boots are great for tall girls. If you aren't tall, that's okay! Average and short girls look outstanding in flat fur boots! No wonder boots were The Blogspot Best Fashion of the Year!

Skinny jeans. Most of us love 'em. Who would've thought they'd make the Superbowl parties? Denim is the best material for parties, because if you spill punch or soda on your leggings--- you're toast! (I know from experience. When I first saw the people we stayed with in North Carolina, my legging were a mess from Cheetos, soda, punch, coffee, and more. It was so embarrassing.) So be prepared. This is the best fabric! If you spill water, no one knows, once it's dry! This is why I love them.

Fitting Into Your Life: Don't have skinnies? Wear a curvy top to take away the need of the perfect pants.
Fitting Into Your Size: Skinny jeans aren't for everyone. You need to tone up before really wearing them right. Don't have time to hit the gym? Just get normal bootcut jeans and there you go! A fun look! Holey jeans are always fun, and they're great with flip-flops, but only if you dare in this weather. tall girls look great in capris, or cuffed jeans cuffed up to below the knee. Average girls are rocking the bootcuts! and for you short girls, skinnies are great! And so are denim shorts with legging underneath--- they make you look taller!

These rings are beautiful. I own one similar to this, but no, this one isn't mine and once again, I don't even own the picture. Ruby rings are awesome. This one is very expensive, (I bet) but the one I have is from Fashion Bug. (Tip: DO shop Fashion Bug!) I didn't get it, my aunt Tricia gave it to me for Christmas or something. But I love it. It barely fits on my fingers, but it's beauty from pain. I love these rings, I'm not giving up my bling!

Although they say "It's not about the money, money, money. We don't need your money, money, money. We wanna make the world dance, forget about the price tags. It's not about the cha-ching, cha-ching, not about the ba-bling ba-bling..." I can't live without bling. It's my life. (Jessie J, "Price Tag".)

This is your party. Live it up!
And don't forget it:
Superbowl starts at 6:30! Not rooting for anyone? Be my guest, I love the Packers. So turn on your TVs, get cozy, and have a good night, everyone!

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