Thursday, April 2, 2009

Singing to a cardinal

Today I saw a cardinal on a wire in my backyard so I thought it would be so cool to break out singing out of the blue like on High School Musical and Spectacular! So I started singing "hope now" by Addison Road and tried to make my voice sound bad. To be honest it wasn't that hard at all, also Addison Road was playing in the backround anyway, so that was fun! So this week I encourage you to look up the song "hope now" by Addison Road. Then, find a cardinal. Then, pump up the music and start singing at your loudest and just be crazy! I also encourage you to visit it's my new blog about my web show and i'm creating season 2 and this summer, it's on the web! I even have it all prepared! I can't wait to post videos! But right now i'm posting updates, so start visiting, post a comment, and if you like it, hopefully you'll follow it!

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