Friday, April 24, 2009

New stuff!

The newsboys are making a new CD! It'll be their last one with their lead singer. pureNRG is making a new CD coming out July 14! Melody Carson has a new book called, Dear Mom! OMG OMG OMG! You know what, I should name this blog OMG. But I won't, so don't worry about that. I totally forgot why I just said OMG. But OMG i'm doing project DASH-E with my childrens church (JAM adventures) and the youth group! Today my sister is going on the youth spring retreat! Yes, that means no Charity from Friday to Sunday! Whoo hoo! I might see the Hannah Montana movie and I might see 17 again, but it's one or the other. Today, my brain is thinking I should go to DQ and eat a Midnight Truffle. Yuuuuuuummmmm... my dad is in DC right now with his friend who used to go to our church. They brought his dog fishing with them. Those that know me well, KNOW I don't do fishing. You would know i'd rather spend my time at cheerleading, gymnastics, dancing, and volleyball. My dad is gonna miss my gymnastics meet:( but about a week later he'll be back! Well i'm supposedly doing school, so, bye!
Peace Out,

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