Monday, April 13, 2009

Celebrate! it's Easter Monday! :~)

Happy Easter! Did you get any candy? Hopefully yes, I mean it wouldn't be Easter without the candy (or without Jesus dying for our bad, bad souls! I'm kidding, our souls aren't bad)! Well, I went to church... IN YOUR FACE! Well, the church wasn't located in your face, but you know what I mean! The music was loud, but oh well! I visited my relatives, and yes, that includes my CRAAAAAAAAZY cousin, (Tamara) and the other cousin. (Douglas) Well I am gonna eat an Easter bunny soon and i ate some jelly beans, and CUPCAKES! (my weakness...) I only ate 8 cupcakes, but hey, I was hungry! (still not a pig...) And i'm not a pig no matter WHAT you have to say! (Megan)

Hope's view of Easter-
I think Easter is all about candy--- NOT! Easter is about when Jesus died on good Friday and when he was ressurected! If you think it's all about him dying, it really isn't! If it was all about him dying, then you wouldn't know about the GOOD part of Easter! The Bible even says if Christ wasn't raised from the dead, our faith is useless. That is a bit negative, it's like saying my sister is useless! But it's a good thing that our Faith is useFUL, I mean, I don't wanna have to give sheep sacrifices, That would just be gross! They must've had some strong stomachs back then! And to know I killed something that could've been my pet, sooo sad. Besides, I don't wanna go to the opposite of Heaven either, so it's pretty good that won't happen, I mean, doesn't dry hair = split ends?! Okay, i'm getting off the subject. BTW in hot weather, i would probably get chapped lips too, and there probably won't be lipgloss there! It's a good thing i'm saved and I don't have to own a flock of chickens to sacrifice! I was saved when I was 5, and still a christian today. I have also gotten re-saved, and that reminds me of a JBQ question!

Is it possible to stop being a christian?
Yes, we must continue in faith... I don't know the rest of the answer!

That also leads me to ANOTHER JHQ (Junior Hope Quiz) question...

I don't know!

Oh well, I'll find it as soon as I get off the computer, or as soon as I go to bed or... whatev. Also, i'm trying to work on not procrastinating. (NOT working) And never forget John 3:16, I know it, hopefully you know it, they know it, we know it! It's never too late to be saved, and because of Jesus' death AND resurrection, that's possible.


  1. Hey, Hope! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I would have replied earlier, but the internet connection at the moment isn't that good. Anyway, awesome blog, love the post, and keep on after God!!!

    God Bless,



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