Monday, April 6, 2009

Drama Queen series book 2: Alyssa's Only Wish chapter 1

Once upon a time was a princess named Alyssa. She attended the most popular school in the country, the second most popular in the world. Her mom was the Drama Queen of the Drama Kingdom which covered most of the country. Alyssa got everything she wanted. But her only wish was love from her dad. Her mom loved her very much. Her dad however, not. He always wanted a boy, because then they could play baseball together and hang out. But when Alyssa was born, it was just something different. Alyssa loved her dad dearly, but felt that he didn't like her back. She tried her hardest to be the little boy he always wanted and never got, but he was still not satisfied. He didn't care that she could pull off over alls better than all the boys could, he didn't care that she could run faster than every boy, he didn't even care that she could shoot a basket from the other end of the court and all the boys couldn't. All the boys were amazed, and all had a crush on her. But this didn't impress her dad one bit. He told her she was too young for dating, and just needed to wait. In magazines, people always said that Alyssa was unwanted. Alyssa thought this was a fib. Sure, she felt shunned and ignored, but she didn't feel unwanted. That is, until the day she found out it was true. It was her tenth birthday party and every girl in the kingdom showed up for her birthday/ball/sleepover. They partied until they couldn't party anymore. Then, they opened gifts. She received a gift from everyone except her dad. Alyssa wondered why, but didn't care to ask. He must not care about me. Alyssa thought. If he did, he would show up at least. Alyssa was very dissapointed. From that day on, Alyssa believed her dad didn't like her.
Now Alyssa was seventeen years old, and she was a senior in high school. She was on a trip to find a college with her dad. "So, what college are you planning on going to?" He asked. "Uh..." She started. Then the phone started to ring. "Just one second!" She picked up the phone. "Hello? Oh, I'm on interstate 90. I know! Isn't that so cool? They broke up? Oh no he didn't! She broke up with him? She's so crazy! He's currently single? Seriously? Hey Maggie, my battery is running low. Well I'll call you back! Bye!" She hung up the phone. "So what were you asking me?" she asked. "Oh nevermind." Her dad said.

They took the long ride to Lakebridge University, and walked around. They took a tour and ate in the cafeteria. All Alyssa did was text message. "I thought the battery was low!" Her dad said. "Well, I recharged the battery. And you shouldn't be listening in on people's conversations!" She said. "Well you were talking loud!" He said. "Well who cares?" "I do!" "Whatever." She said. "Don't you whatever me!" He replied. "And put that phone up while we're eating. It's disrespectful." "Whatever." She said again. "DID YOU NOT HEAR ME?!" He yelled. They got back in the car. It was a quiet ride back to the hotel. Finally, King Johnny spoke up. "Alyssa, for once, can you act like a mature teenager?" "I am a mature teenager." She said. "I didn't say you weren't a mature teenager, I said you weren't acting like a mature teenager." "Is there really even a difference?" She asked. "Yes, there is. If you are going to act like this, then we're just going to have to go back home!" He said. "Is that a threat or a promise?" Alyssa said. "Don't you back talk to me Alyssa Kathy Depp! We can leave right now, you know." Said Johnny. "But dad, you can't! We have to find a college by the time spring break is over! We even planned to find a college by Easter!" "We don't HAVE to find a college, and you don't have to attend one, either." He said. "Whatever." Alyssa said. "That's it! Pack up your bags! we're heading back home!"

Stay tuned for chapter 2!


  1. Wow I love this book!! Keep Going and quick!!!

  2. Hey Hope, it's Valerie. I really like your blog. You did a really good job. Keep up the good work! :]


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