Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The crowd-to go with it or not???

It is never good to go with the crowd. Do what ya wanna do. Say you're a boy but you wanna be captain of the cheer squad (LoL) no one else may take you seriously, but if it's what you WANT to do, do it. Why do you think so many people are on drugs? I do believe some people would've never thought of drinking or smoking if their friends were not doing it. But also, you have to be a bit careful. If you want to stand out of the crowd, you have to set a good example. Ther is a lot more to the saying 'be yourself'. You have to set a good example for others, so they can be more like you. If they become more like you, they'll know what to do in even the worst situations, (if you handle bad situations right) and become a great person in the future. You might be a kid like me, aged 10-14 I don't think anyone on here is over that age group unless you count my sister. (or Laurel, when I invite her) but at that age or age group, you know that YOU are the adults of the future. So don't drink and drive. Don't smoke. Don't cuss. Don't smoke pot. Don't smoke tabbacco. Just set a good example.

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