Friday, April 17, 2009

What a life!

I have always enjoyed my life. Some say i'm crazy, some say i'm skinny, some call me a pig...(still refuse to admit that) but last Saturday, the best things started happening. No, I wasn't eating. Another best thing happened.

The brand new shoes
Saturday, I was on my way to Cleveland to visit my family. We went to Lodi (the best mall EVER for extreme shoppers) I had to do some excercises though. I have to do excercises when I shop because if I don't, I leave the mall with negative money. Yeah, that low. But I spotted these flip-flops and--- I had to get them! So my mom got them, even though I already owed $70 (a looooooong story) so I left happily (and still broke!) did I tell you there is fake diamond flowers on them?! Yeah, I can't wait to wear them in the Summer and show off my nail polish!

The mysterious windmill thingy magig
When we got back from Cleveland, my sisters noticed a windmill in our wishing well. My older sister, Charity, who is fifteen looked, but there was no note attached! My suspect is the mailman. How nice!

The... burnt popcorn???
Yeah, burnt popcorn. I asked my parents if I could pop a bag, and they said yes. But then, I popped it for four minutes, and yeah, it burned it--- bad. So the microwave is stained yellow now, and it still smells. That was yesterday, and I just found out that I could've pressed popcorn!


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