Saturday, April 25, 2009

my 50th post and today

Ever had a bad shopping day? I have. Today. It sarted out AWESOME when I got this cute necklace at Claire's, with matching earrings. But the necklace broke while I was wearing it, and I was going into chik-fil-a! It was chunky and cute--- and cheap! But it'll get fixed by Sunday, I hope. Then, I got a bracelet at Justice and then when I got in the car I figured out it didn't fit, so we had to go ALL the way back to Justice and return it. The only thing still lively I have is five brand new lipglosses I got today, two pairs of earrings, and another bracelet. The earrings probably won't last any longer than the necklace, but oh well. I saw the Hannah Montana movie! I liked it a lot. Taylor Swift was in it, and, yeah! Let's just say this was one of many shopping days. Those I told I didn't like shopping, well, I guess I can't get enough of it! Like I said, I don't like walking around, (cuz i'm lazy) but I LOVE getting the stuff! OMG. You guys know about the gymnastics meet I told you about? Yeah, it's in SEVEN days! And tomorrow, less than a week! I'm so scared! It's not like it's my first meet, it's just... uh... i'm... VERY NERVOUS! I got a leotard in the mail that's the colors of the american flag, but, what if I get a deduction because I pick my wedgie? I don't, but still! Oh well, i'll just calm down. Besides the other girls at my gym aren't too much competition, I mean, they're competition, but few. That would DEFINITLY be Olivia, Katie, Judy, Sydney, and I think that's it. Please wish me lots and lots of luck! I really need it! I don't believe in 'luck', but whatever you believe, JUST DO IT! Church is 2maro! Yay! I was gonna wear my chunky jewlry, but, UGH! I don't even wanna talk about it! >:(
Peace To All My Fredinskies,
p.s. video of the week is Fred Loses His Meds on YouTube!

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