Thursday, April 9, 2009

Alyssa's Only Wish chapter 4

Alyssa sat in her room and thought for awhile. She wondered if she should REALLY confront her dad. She was a little afraid to, what if he took it the wrong way and actually thought SHE was the one that hated HIM? Alyssa thought that she just needed to remain peaceful. But that wouldn't work just as it wouldn't work if she told! She grabbed her cell phone, whether she was aloud on it or not, and texted to his work computer in his "square office". She wrote down everything, from when she was ten, to the present. That was what made it such a long text message, but after she pressed "send", she felt like a weight was lifted off her shoulders. Now she could actually enjoy her years growing up and being a kid. For 24 more hours. She couldn't believe she spent almost her entire life as a preteen and as a teenager, worrying. But tomorrow, she could celebrate her eighteenth birthday as her first birthday, as a normal daughter. Just when she was legally an adult.
It was the next morning, and Alyssa never felt happier. Although, her dad did. He frowned as his daughter entered the room, but didn't care to say a word. He must have read that text message, Alyssa thought. She always looked forward to the day he wouldn't talk, but she didn't think a single text message would cause it. Maybe I shouldn't have sent that. she thought. Now she felt horrible about herself. just as she reached in the cupboard, he left to go to work. Now she lost her chance to tell him she DIDN'T feel that way. So what if it was a little white lie? It would make him feel better. But God didn't want her to do that, so she decided to just leave it be.
At her birthday party that evening, Alyssa and her friends partied like they never had before. Alyssa opened her presents and cake afterwards. Then, a smile broke out on her face. Finally, he really did give her a gift, and really did show up. Alyssa hugged him, then they went back to partying. Alyssa and her friends danced to music, tried on different braclets and pairs of sunglasses, and had a pie fight. Finally Alyssa could have fun for the rest of her life. Starting from the day she threw her eighteenth birthday party.
When Alyssa went upstairs that evening to go to bed, Alyssa smiled. This was the best birthday ever.

WAIT! Alyssa's Only Wish is NOT over yet... just wait until the FINAL installment of it, when Alyssa receives the best present of all!

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