Thursday, April 23, 2009

it's the best week ever!

That's right! The BEST week ever so far. So this post is The Fun Post! Weekly Questions, Who said that, Finish The Story, and of course, the REASON it's the best week ever.

The best week so far
Tuesday, I actually aced my floor routine AND beam routine! (for the gymnastics meet) I felt so great afterwards! I landed my handstand on the beam, and mastered my straddle rolls on the floor! But today, I CAME UP from my front limber! I still need to work on my back handspring a little, but it doesn't look too bad. Maybe in July (when my coach will move everyone up, or down, or in the same level) I'll move up! Then i'll be doing the hard stuff, like pirouettes and back walkovers on the beam. If you are happy about my achievement too, post a comment!

Weekly Question
I am SUPER nervous about the gymnastics meet. What if I do the straddles wrong? What if I can't come up from my front limber, and I just stay in a bridge position FOREVER? What if i'm judged wrong and I get put in the wrong place? It sure wouldn't be the first time. HELP!

Who said that?!
try figuring out who said this in what movie:
"I wish we could have more time together"

Finish that story!
You were watching TV. Your best friend was over and wanted to watch a show that you weren't allowed to watch. You tried doing the right thing by telling her (or him) the truth, and she (or he) tried understanding, but when she (or he) was about to turn it off, you couldn't resist watching the rest. Before you knew it, the show was over. Uh, oh.

If you were the author, what would happen next?

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