Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Alyssa's Only Wish chapter 2

"Why are you guys home so early?" asked Queen Peachy. "ask him" said Alyssa. "ask me? You are the reason we came back!" said King Johnny. "What happened?" Peachy asked. "Dad was being an unfair monkey!" said Alyssa. "Now you know we don't call people names Alyssa Kathy." her mother said very calmly. "i'll tell you the REAL reason we came back" said her dad. "She was being a selfish brat." "That's not even half true!" said Alyssa. "He stole my eNV2 from me and wouldn't let me text message the WHOLE ride home, because he hates it when I do! Now THAT'S what I call a selfish brat!" Alyssa protested. It got quiet for a while. Finally, Alyssa ran up the tower to her room and reached for her journal. She wrote:

Daddy is a Meanie Bobeanie Slowhenie! The only reason i'm NOT at Lakebridge college right now taking a tour is because of him! He won't let me text, he won't let me talk, he won't let me move a muscle! He's even worse than all the other Drama Towne parents. They are all happy to have adorable little girls. Everybody BUT my dad. He thinks that I have to be some replacement for his perfect little boy. But every boyish accomplishment I make, he isn't proud of. When will he find out that girls are capable of anything a boy can do? We're even more capable. When will he love me for the GIRL that I am, and not the failure he thinks I am?

At school the next week during gym class, they were assigned to jog four laps around the football field. "Hey Al" said Alyssa's best friend Margaret. "Hi" said Alyssa. "You didn't find a college, did you?" asked Maggie. "How did you know?" "You look so sad" Maggie said. "it's all his fault!" Alyssa complained. "Who's fault?" "The only his in the tower." said Alyssa. "Well that's a shock!" said Maggie. "I know! Everybody else's parents are so nice and love their children for who they are, but my dad does nothing but complain about not receiving the "perfect child". It just isn't fair! I'm sick and tired of acting like some boy around him, and i'm just the opposite! He called me a selfish brat!" she said. "A selfish brat? Oh no he didn't!" "Oh yes he did it!" Alyssa replied. "You know what? Text me when you get home." said Maggie. "Yeah i'm not allowed to text." "That's okay! Just call me!" "Yeah I can't call either." Alyssa said. "What can you do?" asked Margaret. "Nothing. He grounded me. The only thing i'm allowed to do today other than school and homework is attend the Easter Ball." she said. "But--- Easter was yesterday." Maggie said, although it sounded more like a question. "I know! Like remember when they had the Christmas Ball a week before Christmas? And the New Years Ball a day after New Years?" "In fact, I do remember! Our town needs to work on planning!" "I hear ya!"
When Alyssa came home from school that day, she went straight upstairs to where they lived. Her dad was looking through newspapers and magazines, gossiping about saying the Drama money crisis was all the treasurer's fault, and saying that wouldn't be a problem if the king didn't hire him! Alyssa ran straight past her very angry father and went to the next upper level, which was her mom and dad's room. Then the second upper level, her dad's office. Then the highest level, fifteen levels off the ground, her room. She dropped her backback, then rushed up to the sixteenth level, the attic. She had no idea why she was up there, but oh well. She turned on the lights, turned on the music, and sat down. Wow, Alyssa thought. How wonderful would it be if every spare moment was like like this, away from home, away from school, and away from Dad. Then, an idea struck her mind.

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