Monday, April 6, 2009


Hello bloggers,
today I would like to highlight two birthdays. (maybe three, IDK) On April 7, Kelsey Ball and Drew Poole will be turning twelve years old. Happy birthday! I always say this to everyone... SAVE ME SOME CAKE! Those that know me well know that I like to eat and is sometimes referred to as "the pig". I don't think I am, but, whatever. It's just what I do!


  1. Are yo ukidding me Hope You ate like 5-6 cup cakes at the science party!! Pig!! LOL Im just kidding!!

  2. well i'm not kidding! YOU may think i'm a pig, and everyone else may think i'm a pig, and my sisters may think i'm a pig, but i'm not a pig! oh and last week i ate 5 cupcakes at my JBQ meet! i saw Spencer there! uuuuuggghhh!


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