Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Alyssa's Only Wish chapter 3

Alyssa packed up her bags and money. She collected every penny, every nickel, every dime, every quarter, and every dollar she could find. Hopefully all the money would last her the time she'd be there. According to her count, she had exactly $50.78. That couldn't last her a year! She knew that she needed all that money for food, and a place to stay. So she packed up all the food in her duffle bag that she could, so at least she wouldn't have to spend any money for a few days. She got in the elevator, the ONLY way she could get past her parents. She snuck everything in her car, and started heading toward Summerland, Germy. When she finally got there, She settled her car in a 24 hour restaurant's parking lot. Ahhh... she thought. This is home for now. It seems so relaxing already. She decided to have her stay extended to when she ran out of money. She knew that wouldn't work. Wouldn't she need money for gas? When she had $5.00 left she would leave. It was around dinner time when she got there, so she reached in her duffle and pulled out one cookie. She grabbed her paper plate and put a spoon on it. Then, she put on icing and her cookie. She wanted this to seem like a homemade dinner. Although, it was very far from homemade. To be honest, the meal was a bit cheesy. Tomorrow's dinner would be a roll.
Back at the Royal Tower, Alyssa's family was worried. Peachy was heartbroken. "where could she be?" she asked concerned. "I don't know" replied King Johnny. They called the guards and ordered them to put posters up throughout the country and be on the lookout for their daughter. She was only seventeen, and she was way too young to be out on her own. The guards obeyed their orders immediately, and scattered throughout the whole country. Alyssa had not one idea about this.
Alyssa was out shopping when she saw a familiar face. She didn't recognize who it was until they turned around and looked her STRAIGHT in the eye... IT WAS HER FAVORITE BODYGUARD CARISSA! Alyssa tried turning away, but Carissa ran towards her and grabbed her. Uh, oh.
"Alyssa Kathy Depp!" Carissa yelled. "Why would you run away like this? Your parents thought you were kidnapped, or worse." she said. "I just didn't like how life was there. And in case you haven't noticed, the town is called DRAMA and everybody there is totally crazy. But in Summerland, everything is normal. But I live one day in a normal life, and then the next thing I know, I'm back locked up in my room." Alyssa complained. "No one here even gives me a day away from here." "well that's because it isn't safe away from here! Not alone!" She said. "It isn't safe here, either!" "You aren't alone, are you?" Alyssa paused. "no." she admitted. "Just wait until your parents hear this! And besides, i'll bet there is much more to the story, Alyssa." She eyed Alyssa really good, and before Alyssa knew it, she told Carissa everything. Well, almost everything, at least. She didn't tell her about her dad. She only told certain people about her dad. "Well, I do think there is STILL more, but that'll do." And with that, Carissa finally left. And WHAT happened to my peaceful life? Alyssa asked herself. But now she knew what she finally needed to do. Confront her dad, or dance her way to college like everything is perfect?


  1. Amzing Again!! Your great at putting these together!!!


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