Friday, April 10, 2009

Alyssa's Only Wish chapter 5

Alyssa woke up. She had never seen such a beautiful day before. It was like she could hear the birds singing. It was the good old summertime. Her and her friends were planning on going swimming and shopping at the mall. What a day! Alyssa sat up. Her bed was completely covered in roses and daffodil petals. There was a note that said:

Dear Alyssa,

I found out today that Lakebridge University accepted you. Just read the note attached. They said your application looked pretty neat, and thought you should TOTALLY go there. So pack up your bags and start boxing up your stuff!

I love you,


Alyssa was shocked! He hadn't written that in ever! Alyssa stuffed every single clothing item in her duffle that she could! The other outfits she wanted to leave behind for some other princess. She boxed up every childhood toy or nessasary item that she needed. Alyssa couldn't wait until August! But now it was July, so she needed to use up her summer days, FAST. Once she was done packing, she headed to the pool, where she'd meet her friends. They'd all found a college, and needed to hear the news Alyssa had! "Maggie! Payton!" She cried when she got there. "Yeah?" They asked. "I found a college!" "Cool," Payton said. "Where?" she asked. "Lakebridge University!" she answered. "No way!" cried Maggie. "My best friend is going to the most fancy college in Germy?" she asked. "yes!" Alyssa said. "Wow! I guess i'm considered lower class compared to you" Payton said. "you are soooooooo not! Your dad is the most successful man in Germy, next to Maggie's dad." Alyssa said. "so you're saying my Dad is the THIRD most successful man in Germy? That's a rip off!" "PAYTON!!!! You know, some people aren't successful at all. And why should you complain when your income is $50,000 a year? Even more!" Alyssa said. "Well... I guess you do have a point, we do make a lot of money. And why should I complain when we have just enough to pay bills, for me to shop, eat, and shop even more! I guess I really do have no reason to complain. Now sit down! Don't you want a tan?" "not really. I think i'm gonna swim a little." Alyssa said. "why?" Maggie asked. "it's not like i'm trying to attract boys or anything." Alyssa said. "Oh really?" Payton asked. "Look at him! You should totally check him out! Go over there!" "But I don't want to---" "GO!" Payton demanded and forcefully pushed Alyssa--- a little too hard. Alyssa pushed him--- and herself into the pool. "back off, won't you?" he asked. "sorry." Alyssa said. "hi. Uhhhhh... i'm... Aly. Yeah, Aly!" she said. "oooooook, i'm Derek. Nice to meet you, Aly?" he said, although it sounded more like a question. "Hi, uhhh I have to leave" she said. But when she returned, Payton said, "you are going back!" And pushed her towards him. "this time, flirt." "ew, no!" Alyssa said. "I said FLIRT!" and pushed Alyssa. "hey, uh, hi." she said and walked away. "just forget it!" Payton said madly.
"why didn't you talk to that boy?" Maggie asked. "I didn't really want to" Alyssa said. "well that explains soooooo much" Payton said. "well since this this will be the last time in a long time that we'll have our monthly shopping spree, i would start saving money for Thanksgiving! I have $5.00 left. Well, I guess i'm gonna have to say goodbye." "Yeah," agreed Maggie. "I'll miss you guys horribly. e-mail me everyday! I want to know how everything is going!" "don't forget to schedule this same time on Thanksgiving! Tell me about any new boyfriends, or anything." Alyssa said. "well I guess this is goodbye, so, goodbye for now."
It was now September, and Alyssa, Margaret, and Payton had many new "best" friends. They kept on e-mailing each other, and occasionally calling each other. Alyssa made the college soccer team and Payton made the cheerleading squad, which couldn't be hard with her outstanding gymnastics skills. No matter what the distance, what the sport, or even the changes that all three girls experienced, they still remained friends. Alyssa became successful, and by the time she was 20, she was crowned queen of Drama Towne.
Alyssa earned her dad's love, and that was ALL that mattered. "No matter how hard you try," Queen Alyssa said, "if you don't give up, you can be very proud of yourself."

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