Thursday, December 29, 2011

Thirteen Outstanding Blog Posts of 2011

Ah... how was your Christmas? Mine rocked! And yes, I mean ROCKed... my Christmases are always music filled, aren't they? So, I spent almost all of my $25 iTunes gift card in a good twenty minutes despite how freakin' slow iTunes is, and saved about three dollars to buy my Fine Arts performance track, plus two more songs just for the pleasure of buying two more:). So, that money went by fast, just like the year in itself. Then, my not-so-middle-class uncle gave me A LOT of money, as usual (I feel so rich right now... maybe I'll be snobby if I decide to be), and I don't know what to do with it. Then my aunt who is also quite well-off gave me $20, and my grandma got me a $50 gift card to Target, and someone else gave me a $25 one to the same store... I'm rolling in cash! So I might save for an electric guitar... or another iTunes card. Then my parents got me the book I asked for, "Never Have I Ever" by Sara Shepard. I started reading it two days ago and finished it last night. It sooooo good, and I think I know who Sutton's killer is. My parents also got me a music thingy with a treble clef on it and something else music related... yeah...

SO! It's been a great year, hasn't it? I think great years should have great endings. So, after seeing Mrs. Jenilee's blog post about her favourite posts from 2011, I decided to do the same--- relating to my blog(s), though! And wow... I really like the posts I made this year. Once again, I've written over 200 posts! In my blog's nearly three years of being around, more than 500 posts have been published! Yipee!

So, since I turned thirteen this year, here are thirteen of twenty-eleven's best blog posts!

1. "You Know... It's Called... GENETICS!" - a silly post about what we learned in science class one day.

2. "This is Goodbye" - a sad poem I wrote about... I don't really know, it was for Language Arts class one morning. I guess it's about a breakup, not like it was written from experience.

3. "Yellow Sun" - a poem about grace and love

4. "From the 105th Floor" - a short poem in honor of the attacks on September 11th, 2001 with a follow-up short story (that wasn't very good...), "The Terror Inside."

5. "Phoenix Days Are Held in a Photograph" - a post full of photographs (includes a pic of me!) from when I went to Phoenix for National Fine Arts with our group's band, plus Drew and Lauren who went for the missions thingy and Drew made it to Nationals for photography, Lauren for poetry (I was the harmony vocalist in the band). Also, this post includes a picture of my obsession--- Church's Chicken!!! And there's a lyric post for "Excuses" by Deas Vail, the song our band got second place in Ohio for.

6. "Relient K is for KaraoKe!" - a post about Relient K's cover album that came out in June. Now they have Part 2 of the EP out!

7. "Mono Vs. Stereo" - a post about the difference between mono and stereo, for people who want to learn more about music that don't already know too much about it.

8. "Hallelujah! Arizona, BABY!" - a post I wrote in joy from reaching Nationals in band.

9.  "I Will Never Say Never" - a post about believing (or Belieb-ing) in yourself even when you have to sing in front of everyone you've ever known.

10. "Meet a Young Author" - my very first interview with a published author, Victoria Kasten. I heard her speak at the 2011 Homeschool Convention and found her at her booth. I asked her if she had any time for a few questions, and she politely obliged! She was very comfortable and open to answering the questions of a twelve-year-old.

11. "Meet a Meteorologist" - my very first interview with a meteorologist who works for local tele (British people say "tele" instead of "TV", so I say "Tele" now) broadcasting in Dayton, Ohio--- Jeffrey Booth. I e-mailed him and didn't think he'd reply, but... surprisingly, he did. I said I only had a few questions for him, but it ended up being quite a few. And, I even got him to visit this blog to see the interview!

12. "Shake, Shake, Shake; Senora!" - A post about "Jump in the Line" by Harry Belafonte, and other oldies.

13. And then... "The Baby of Shame" . I tried to go in order by month from most recent to least recent, but this one's from October. It's classic. Once you've seen the baby of shame... you can't unsee it.

Those are thirteen of my favorite posts!

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