Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Christmas Lights: Bring It On!

Christmas spirit... if it were an Olympic sport, I'd be out for the gold medal. And at my school, there are some weird kids. That means crazy competition. For Christmas spirit.

Nobody is as creative as I am. Making personalized Christmas letters for everybody in my half of the eighth grade, singing even while angry, asking everyone what their favorite color is. Who would have thought I'd have competition.

This seventh grader had the nerve to be awesome and do something different. Something cooler than I knew was possible.

So, picture me, just walking to my cubby as I see... Christmas lights. "What the heck?" I thought, thinking maybe I was still groggy from the bus ride. So I walk back to Cal's (not full name) cubby and there it is, Christmas lights LINING HER CUBBY. What the heck, I know. I didn't even know it was possible to put Christmas lights--- that HANG ON HOUSES---in a school cubby. But it is. She attached it to a battery somehow... she must be in robotics or something. I thought it was ingenius. And did I mention she had a photograph of herself hanging off the lights? Almost like she was saying, "Beat THAT, Hope!" So, I confronted her at lunch about my discovery.

I asked her if she'd be alright if I had tried to outdo her holiday spirit. And ha ha... SHE SAID YES! We have similar personalities (I know her because I interviewed her for a project where we could interview some of the younger kids), and great minds think alike. We're both extremely creative, so I'm almost scared about where this could be leading. Let's just say...

Two girls enter the games. Only one will survive to tell the story.

And right now... I don't know if the survivor is me. This girl is serious about Christmas. But so am I. So here's what I say.

Dear Cal,
You may have Christmas lights and I may not be talented enough to do that, but guess whose idea it is to put a Christmas tree in her cubby? And snow? And snowmen? These are the Christmas games, and every addition to the spirit must be better than the last. Else, you're setting yourself up for some serious drama. Can you handle the heat? Or, should I say, snow? You'd better hope so.

Let the flames begin.

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