Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Best Mainstream Song of 2011

I hope your Christmas ROCKed. So, here's a couple rock songs (and a few pop) to vote for!

"The Story of Us" by Taylor Swift... catchy song, eh? Now, please don't hate on me when I say I love country music. I LOVE COUNTRY MUSIC! It's amazing! I love Tay Tay (T Swift)'s voice especially. It's kinda little-kiddy, like mine. So, to those that have heard her new song "Safe & Sound" for "The Hunger Games"??? You know that song keeps replaying on my iPod, which has to get fixed. But I love that song. I think The Civil Wars and Taylor Swift should like, band together or something, because they sound really good together in that song. REALLY GOOD.

"Take My Hand" by The Cab. I bought this song on iTunes and was greatly disappointed. It sounds nothing like this. The tempo is slightly different which is fine, but the guitar is distorted and TOO LOUD. However, the vocals are nice. Like in the iTunes version of this, after it says "Down to this place that I know..." it repeats "Place that I know!" and I love that part. However, in the verses they have some robotic BGVs that kinda ruin it for me. But I love the synth in the iTunes version. Overall, I like this version better, so that's why you're seeing pictures of Megan and Liz.

"Skyscraper" by Demi Lovato. Honestly? The covers of this are better than the original, in my opinion. I bought Cimorelli's version (I like their live version better... the studio version overuses auto-tune) and I love Boyce Avenue's version... did I tell you I'm seeing them live in March if I get my way (which I probably won't)? But the song has just such a powerful message and that's all that matters to me.

"Oh, Imagine That"! by Max and Simon. This duo has really had a good year. First, they had a song featured in Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis' new movie's soundtrack. Then, this song was featured on JCPenney's back-to-school commercial. So you thought you've heard this song before? Now you know how! And, it's living happiness in a song... who wouldn't like it? "Imagine that, imagine back. Imagine this, imagine that. Imagine that. OH! Imagine that!"

"Bleed" by Hot Chelle Rae. I love 1:21 through to 1:34. This band has skyrocketed also, and this song is waaaaaaay better than the famed "Tonight, Tonight". I remember when I was practically the only one of all my friends that had heard "Tonight, Tonight" and then all of a sudden, EVERYBODY knows that song! And I heard them play it live... um... no comment. But this song is amazing. I'll never be sick of it.

"Far Away" by Tyga and Chris Richardson. It's one of those songs you know you have to buy from the second you hear "Walk a thousand miles... just to see her, see her, but she's FAR FAR AWAAAAAY!!!" It's just such a sad song!!! You know "The Scientist" by Coldplay? Well yeah, I hate that song, but the music videos have the same thing. In "The Scientist" the girl dies in a car crash. In "Far Away" the girl dies in a car crash as well but I think her death was much, much worse... she was hit by a semi truck and that was right after she got in a HUGE fight with the guy. Sucks for him, eh???

"Fixed at Zero" by VersaEmerge. Sierra's voice haunts me when she says "There's a vulture on my shoulder..." And now I think my favorite animal is a vulture, all because of this song. Creepy stuff, I know. Like, I was watching this stupid movie and these guys were riding motorcycles in the hot Nevada desert. Their bikes all happened to break down because they were too stupid to stop for gas and didn't realize the sign by the gas station said "No gas for 200 miles". So they're like, crying as they're walking with their bikes and this vulture appears out of nowhere (me and Faith were singing this song) and they're just like, "You get the heck outta here!" That was a really stupid movie... I need to find out the name of it... in fact, I think it was actually a series, LoL!


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