Friday, December 23, 2011

Worlds Collide!

"Things aren't always what they seem, you're only seeing part of me. There's more than you could ever know behind the scenes..."
-Francesca Battistelli

"Worlds Collide" is about film star Jack Harrington and Grace Winslowe. Their relationship began like a scene from one of Jack's movies: Hollywood film star marries girl-next-door Grace Winslowe after a tragic car accident brings them together and they find that they are attracted to each other. Grace made the move from her Chicago home down to Los Angeles to start a new life and ended up crashing into the car of Jack Harrington. Little did the two know what fate had in store for them.

This changes everything.

While driving on the interstate on a rainy day, Grace loses control of her car and hits Jack from the back. Just a few months before Jack had lost his girlfriend in a crash like this one, due to drunk driving. He is now looking for a wife, a steady relationship. The two end up getting married (don't worry, that won't spoil the book for you--- there are A LOT of surprises in there!), and the longer they're together, the more secrets are revealed and their lives slowly being to unravel.

Will the marriage last, or will it end in tragedy just like the other Hollywood marriages? And can they keep their sanity when individual worlds collide?

I think my expectations were met pretty well. It ended exactly as I thought it would. Can't tell you how, but... it kinda has a chick-flick ending (but it's amazing, I'm tellin' ya, and totally unpredictable!). I would say this book was overall awesome, but had its fair share of dry parts.

I recommend this book to fans of romantic fiction.

If you're a fan of "Valentine's Day" or "New Years Eve", you'll like this book. If you like the shows "The Lying Game" or "Switched at Birth", you'll really like this. Full of secrets, a small bit of scandal, and comedy. Definitely comedy. This book did make me laugh on some parts, and it is rare that I actually laugh when reading a book. The secrets are unbelievable. Scandal? Only at the beginning.

As for me, the book was pretty good. Not something I would lead a parade for, but definitely something I'd read again. It took me a long time to read it because of my schedule, but I enjoyed it. It's really jacked up because at a picnic I saw my friend Kiana and it was a rainy day and I ran to hug her and fell back, book in hand, now muddy and cover half-off.

My complaints? Well...
The book was really boring in the middle, but the beginning and ending were really interesting and kept me up late at night. Another complaint is I wish I heard more about Jada, the biographer in the book. And I wish that the plot moved just a tiny bit faster. Also: Alison, try numbering the chapters.

Due to there only being a few complaints, I'll go on and give four stars.

330+ pages.
Published by: WaterBrook Multnomah.

Special thanks: to WaterBrook Multnomah press for providing me with a free copy of this book for the sake of reviewing.

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