Friday, December 30, 2011

Best Tele of 2011

This year was just epic, television-wise. As you see, I don't say "TV" anymore, I prefer "Tele." It's what the British say, as I am obsessed with London now. Not that it wasn't already obvious... I am a Doctor Who complete nerd, my favourite (I write "favourite" instead of "favorite" now because that's what the British do!) channel is BBC America, and my favorite Coldplay song is "Cemeteries of London". And, I don't say "Cem-e-tery" anymore, I pronounce it "cem-e-try"... it's what the British do!

So, here are the world's best shows up for voting... choose wisely... very wisely. If I don't get enough votes, someone is gonna get sent to THE DOCTOR'S office... no pun intended. Anyway...

"Doctor Who." Ah, who doesn't love the Doctor? When I saw my first episode, I admit to being freaked out. So, never let your first episode have The Silents in it, okay?

The first video shows the entire life of "Doctor Who", from its beginning in 1963, up to where David Tennant (2005-2009 or something like that) regenerates into Matt Smith (2009-present). It is very emotional for me when Davy (my nickname for the Tennant) regenerates, knowing how much he doesn't want to and even this girl who didn't like Tennant by any means really loves him when he regenerates. It almost makes me... miss him. But he's moved on to great roles, trust me. And if Matt Smith regenerates---something I rarely like to talk about---even if he moves on to better roles, he will always be known as the guy who played The Doctor.

The second video... I'm really embarrassed that I posted it. But whatever. I bought that song on iTunes because it's so catchy! And I know I'm a half-geek. I'm not a full-on nerd because I'm not good at math or science... BUT! I am doing really good in math right now! What I mean by really good is C. But still. It's a high enough C to get me through the next two weeks of the quarter and the test we took before break just might have raised my grade to a B! So yeah. My goal for the test was to get a C, which still means I'd have to revise. But I think I did pretty good, I might not have to revise. I probably do, but there's still hope!

The third video was a preview for the season premiere. That episode... I didn't like it at first because Amy and Rory (they're in the beginnning of the second video, standing next to Matt Smith) werent in it, but then I started to adjust and was like, "They're not in it? Whatever. The Doctor didn't die, so be happy." And then... THEY APPEARED AT THE END! I was so happy! And I love how they're like,

"Come on in, blah blah blah..."
The Doctor: "Uh, I should probably get going."
Amy and Rory: "But we have a place set for you."
The Doctor: "Why would you set a place for me if you didn't even know I was gonna come?"
Amy: "Because you always do!"
Rory: "Come on."
The Doctor: *Stands by himself for a long time and then suddenly realizes a tear just fell down his cheek. Becuase he's not human, he doesn't know he can cry. Like when this lady and her kids were crying a couple minutes ago in the episode, he was like, "Happy crying. Humany woomeny." And then he realizes he's crying and I'm just like "AWWWWWWHHHHHH!!!! THIS IS THE BEST CHRISTMAS EVER!"*

"Switched at Birth." It comes back on American tele (sorry I failed you guys... this show isn't British:*( ) January 3rd! From seeing the trailers, you might be like, "oh my gosh, Hope... that show is too dramatic." But that's what I love! I am a huge drama queen, but not in a "she thinks she's hot" kind of way. I just like to exaggerate things. So this show? Awesome. One problem, though, honey.

You stole my idea. I wrote a story (finally finished it!) called "Unspoken" about a deaf girl and a mute guy. Just when I was about to make some changes and make the guy deaf instead, this came along. I did post a lot about that book... ABC Family, did you have somebody checking my blog? If so, I'm contacting Judge Judy! Then again, you did add in kids being switched at birth and more drama than I did, so we're cool.

"The Walking Dead." This show is... kinda gory... doubt anyone will vote for it. And it's not British, by the way. But I like it. It's coming back on in February. I love that all my shows are coming back on one after another... "Doctor Who" came on Christmas day... that's December, in case you don't know. "Switched at Birth" comes on in January. "Walking Dead" comes on in February. Yay.

"The Lying Game". I haven't seen that show in awhile. It came on right after I got back from Phoenix... just to find out the setting was in Phoenix! In the books it's Tucson, though. I love the books. I have "The Lying Game" and got "Never Have I Ever" for Christmas. The next book, "Two Truths and a Lie", is coming out on my mom's birthday--- February 7th! I watched all the episodes up until school started, which means I only saw like four episodes. When school started I didn't have time to watch it anymore, especially because the show comes on Mondays. I tried recording it but my dad kept deleting it. This time though... oh yeah, I'm going back to the start (winkwink, my next post says something like that). I'm going back and watching all the episodes. And while doing so, I'm gonna re-read the books. Nobody said it was easy... no one ever said it would be this fun!


P.S. "Lying Game" is not British, either.
P.P.S. And I'm not British.
P.P.P.S. I'm black.

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