Monday, December 12, 2011

Best Music Videos Category


Here we have Fireflight, Deas Vail, and Flyleaf. Choose wisely.

What video is this? This is for those who wait!!!!! My favorite song by Fireflight... or something like that. Click the link to see my marvelous lyric post of it. Ever wondered what this video is about? Well, let me tell you what I think. Since this is a Christian song, I'm writing from a Christian's point of view.

The girl, let's call her Linnea because she looks like a girl I know named Linnea, represents a Christian. The violin is her faith. That guy, who I'm guessing is Linnea's dad, represents Satan, I think. Linnea's life is broken, so she turns to her violin---her faith---for comfort. She goes through the motions of her day, practices (violin) so she can get stronger and better, and without knowing, there's a guy who represents God in the background sort of watching over her play violin, as creepy as it sounds... just watch the video! But when she gets home, that guy (don't wanna call him the devil... he's just an actor!!!) tries to break her faith... (he actually does at one point, but let's not get too far ahead of ourselves) making it harder and harder for her "to believe in a love that" she "can't see". He keeps telling her she needs to stop, that she needs to stop believing. But haha--- don't stop believing... happy ending is coming soon. Then, he actually breaks her violin, which is her faith. Then, as she's sitting all alone on the street with nothing to believe in, God comes in! Yay! He gives her new life and restores her faith, and helps her. So she goes on and does the music audition and voila! This guy just happens to be one of the judges! She ends up acing, and all the scars of the past have been healed.

"Summer Forgets Me" is just a fun, homemade video in Wes (lead vocalist) and Laura's (pianist) house. This song is simply the opposite of the dog days being over... it's more like the dog days beginning! How thing aren't perfect anymore, and we're stuck in a reality. Deas Vail compares it to seasons changing--- summer is over... no more sleep and school-less days or perfect weather and vacation. Winter has come, and everyone's back in the swing of things, working. We can't go back to the perfect times... gotta get through the dog days!!!

"Again"--- my absolute favorite Flyleaf song!!!!!!!!!!! And, a lyric post is still coming, like I promised in June. I just keep forgetting to post it. This is also a Christian song.... basically saying, um... "only surrender will help you now. I love you, please see and believe again." Enough said.

DON'T FORGET TO VOTE FOR YOUR FAVORITE VIDEO! Also, Deas Vail was also nominated for Best Christian Song, so check out their song "Desire".

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