Saturday, December 10, 2011

Best Covers Category

Without a doubt, 2011 is the year of music. So, let's find out which artists impressed the blogging world most.


Today I just opened up the music category for the second annual Blogspot Awards. There will be many more categories--- movies, television, fashion, beauty & health, books, actors, social networking... and more! So, let's take a look at your music options and...

DON'T FORGET TO VOTE!!!!!! Last year we got a successful amount of votes. Let's keep it up!

Here are four of my favorite cover artists. Boyce Avenue, Megan and Liz, Cimorelli, and Christina Grimmie.

Here are their nominated best covers to vote for:

"We Found Love" by Boyce Avenue is amazing. I didn't even like that song, and I mean I didn't like it AT ALL. But then they covered it. I love the percussion that comes in at 1:04. I love the cymbal that gets hit... I don't think I even really knew what a cymbal sounded like until I heard this song. I had heard it, but this song really made it sound beautiful. And the guitar case in the background... I have the exact same one! Actually, it's my dad's. But still. This band is why I try hard... one day, maybe i can be featured in one of their videos like Megan and Liz and Megan Nicole were.

Gotta love CIMORELLI, no matter how much I hate their genre of music.They have helped me develop my talents in music, especially guitar and vocals. I have to say I love Christina's low harmony at 2:44. And Lisa's "oh"ing at 3:12 through to 3:15. It sounds awesome. Cimorelli inspires me so much. Keep up the good work, guys, and congrats on your EP reaching #6 on the iTunes pop charts!!!

"Stereo Hearts." Now, I made a mistake in the poll--- I wrote that it's originally by Maroon 5! Sorry, it was ten p.m., I was tired. Ha ha. This is Megan and Liz's cover of "Stereo Hearts" by Gym Class Heroes ft. Adam Levine from Maroon 5. Now I'll admit I do not like Liz's rapping. But I love Megan's rapping. Liz--- those are some super high harmonies! Megan--- love the half-alto, half-soprano voice you have. And to think you guys are twins? I scarce can take it in!

I found out about Christina Grimmie through a Paramore video. I don't remember if she posted a Paramore lyric video or if she was in the suggestions, but I know I was listening to "Emergency". So her Paramore medley is nice. The transitioning is quite rough at first but got smoother toward the end. And I love "Misery Business"... every time we play Rock Band, I beg whoever I'm playing with to let me sing "Misery Business" or "That's What You Get." I do better on "Misery Business." At first I failed that one and considering vocals is what I'm best at, failing that song was um, rather awkward. But yesterday I sang it and loved it!
Do you like these cover artists? They all have songs on iTunes, and don't worry, Boyce Avenue's cover is on there! Same with Megan and Liz! Cimorelli does not have "Best Love Song" on iTunes, but they have a just-released EP on there! Christina Grimmie has an entire album and she's doing well for an unsigned gal.

These artists also are quite fond of each other!

Boyce Avenue with Megan and Liz.

And, all of them put together in this song that means so much to me:

So, DON'T FORGET TO VOTE! And more of these posts will be coming as more categories are put up for voting!

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