Friday, December 23, 2011

Best Indie Song of 2011

Hello! You know I like indie music because I'm always blogging about Deas Vail, Katie Costello, and Yael Naim. Well, you should know at the very least.

So here are your options for voting!

AND DON'T FORGET TO VOTE! We have had a huge decrease in voting this year.

"The Right Mistakes" by Deas Vail is probably my favorite song off the album. It was my favorite from the start.... no, "Desire" was. But this one is like, classic. And you know that OHMIGAHITSJAMES guy that posts like, a whole bunch of Deas Vail videos? Yeah, he went to Phoenix this year! For Fine Arts, just like I did!

"Stranger" by Katie Costello is so ghostly... so creepy... but amazing! Katie has a way with words that really creep me out. Her voice is beautiful and yet still so creepy. They chose the perfect episode of "Switched at Birth" to play this song that got her more publicity! "Anywhere Place" was also featured on the show. If you like Regina Spektor, you're really gonna like Katie Costello.

"Go to the River" by Yael Naim... ah, this girl is slowly moving away from the title "indie"... Her song "New Soul" has been blasted on several Apple commercials. Her song "Come Home" was also on "Switched at Birth". This one is my favorite of hers. Now I really wanna dance toward a river... however, Mad River is not nearly half as peaceful...

"Cemetries of London" by Coldplay--- best Coldplay song ever, yet I'm stuck with only Mylo Xyloto on my iPod... should have bought Viva La Vida, I know (I have "Viva La Vida" the song, but not the album).

The first thing you might say is: "Coldplay--- there is NO WAY they are an indie band!!!" And you're right. They are one hundred percent mainstream, no doubt about it. But this song is probably one of their least popular. Besides... I love this song.

It's so creepy. Yesterday I watched this thing on the History Channel about, guess what? London! I've always wanted to go there, but now I'm not so sure. Let's just say this: The song "Cemeteries of London" is awesome. But watching a show about the REAL cemeteries of London? Uh, creepy.

London's history is dark. And this song goes along with it all too closely. Like:
"In the night they would go walking 'till the breaking of the day..."
History Channel:
Body snatchers would steal bodies from their graves in the nighttime.

"Through the dark streets they go searching..."
History Channel:
Ever heard of Sweeney Todd??? He's fictional, but still.

"So we go down to the river where the toiling ghosts spring..."
History Channel:
The sewers of London sent all their deadly waste down to the river. It protected London from a Cholera outbreak! Yay, London!

"We go underneath the arches..."
History Channel:
All the murderers hid in the underworld... like the sewers.
But my favorite line is:

"God is in the houses, and God is in my head, and all the cemeteries of London. I see God come in my garden but I don't know what He'd say, For my heart, it wasn't open. Not open. Singing la la la la la la eh..."



  1. Heard of Jack the Ripper? he's not fictional and killed someone outside my flat. East London is a dark and disturbing place at times but also a place of great community and great spirit. You'll see when the Olympics come around!

  2. @Harry

    Yeah. Even though some weird things have happened in London, I'm still obsessed with the place. Totally wanna go there someday!:)


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