Saturday, December 17, 2011

Best Christian Song Category

So, to those that have been reading this blog for awhile now, you know that it is unquestionable that I am a Christian. You also know that I don't listen to a lot of Christian music. But, in spite of that, my "A Hopeful Transmission" (yes, I named it after the Coldplay song) playlist that is constantly changing names, always has ONLY Christian songs, with the exceptions of "Go to the River" by Yael Naim and "Laughing With" by Regina Spektor.

So, here are the best of the best Christian songs, many made in 2011, up for voting!

I LOVE "Your Love Never Fails" by Jesus Culture. So much that not only was it nominated to be the best song ever, but it was quoted in my blog description (the "There may be pain in the night..." line) and I have the entire chorus written on my U.S. History binder. It says:

"You stay the same through the ages. Your love never changes. There may be pain in the night, but joy comes in the morning. And when the oceans rage, I don't have to be afraid. Because I know that You love me. Your love never fails."

I find this song SOOO inspiring, because, well, my love does fail. I may love my mom one day and hate her the next (love you, Mommy!). I may feel like helping my dad one day and totally blame him for ending up with Multiple Sclerosis the next. I may claim that me and Faith are twin sisters and one moved up a grade and the other moved down one and we're both supposed to be in ninth grade (she's supposed to be in ninth, but I'm supposedly in seventh) and the next day not want to even acknowledge her presence (believe me, that's happened before). I may think Charity is the awesomest sister one day and then want to throw spears at her the next. You may be my best friend one day and I might hold a grudge against you the next. I may love you one day and not love you the next.

But, God's love never fails. He doesn't stop loving us because we're not worth it (well... we really aren't worth it, but anyways...). He doesn't stop loving us because we keep repeating the same sins. He doesn't stop loving us because He doesn't feel like it. He doesn't stop loving us because we haven't achieved awesome things. He doesn't stop loving us because we don't love Him. His love never fails.

"Live For You Alone" by Interface! You gotta admit, gotta love that crazy guitar guy, especially on the bridge when he screams in the background! I'm working on my screamo... a lot of people think that's not a very Christian thing to do... but, you know what? You understand what he's saying, RIGHT? It has a Christian message, RIGHT? He's not screaming the whole time anyway, RIGHT? So I have no problem with screaming, as long as it's understandable and not full of chaos. Understood? So yeah, I love this song. And I hate it when people compare other bands to Paramore, but the beginning of this song does sound like it could be a Paramore song, in all honesty...

"Desire" by Deas Vail--- almost the best Deas Vail song! And they just came out with another album, the "For Sheperds and Kings" EP. Even if you don't celebrate Christmas, look it up anyway. This song is amazing.

When the "Deas Vail" album arrived at my doorstep, the first thing I did was jump, scream, put the autographed poster on my wall, and put the album on my computer. When I was clicking tracks to name them (anyone whose put an album on iTunes that didn't purchase it from the site knows what I'm talking about), I accidentally double-clicked "Desire" and it started playing. I didn't wanna hear it because I didn't know the song yet and I wanted to hear "Sixteen" (which is track 2, this song being track 1) first. But, for some odd reason, I decided to go on and just let it play quietly. Then, I heard... GASP! A FEMALE VOICE! I was like, "no... that can't be Laura..." and then I turned up the volume and realized "Oh my hot diggity gosh, that IS Laura! Why doesn't she sing that often? She has a beautiful voice!"

"I feel I've been turned inside out. I've come so far, I can't turn around. But I don't know the next steps to take. Cuz all You left were me and the growing pains." Who doesn't like "Growing Pains"? Well, first off, who doesn't like Deas Vail? And I love the viola/violin/whatever-that-instrument-was part of the bridge! So, tell me... do you now understand why this band is my dream interview?

"Closer" by Shawn McDonald is like, the very only pop Christian song I like. I'm not a fan of pop. But I really like this song.

"Hosanna" by Hillsong UNITED is the hardest song I can sing. Brooke, your voice is amazing. One day I hope I can sing like you... maybe even better *evil laugh*... Your voice is so powerful coming out of the bridge! And I think you're the one that wrote this song, too... so... really nice poetry. And I think I know what verse in the Bible this song came from...

"The Redeemer" by Sanctus Real is probably my favorite song by them! "This is where Heaven and Earth collide, I lift my hands and give my life..." The harmonies are amazing! The song is also like, the story of my life! No, "Behind the Scenes" by Francesca Battistelli is, and that's why I'm singing that song for Fine Arts. But this song is also my life story, how it says "I've given up on too many things but I'm not giving up on You, 'cause You can make anything NEW!"

I have given up on a lot, a lot, A LOT of things. I have been afraid to place my trust in too many things, basically meaning I don't trust anyone. But there's one person I can't give up on...

"'Cause You can make anything NEW!"


Above is Deas Vail live singing "Talk Show Host" by Radiohead, then moving into "Desire"! And guys, they normally sound better live, believe me. I love how Wes and Laura (they're married, as I keep saying, sorry if it's getting annoying but they're sooo cute... Laura is a lucky girl... Wes is kinda hot...) are looking at each other and standing by each other at 3:35... it's super adorable! That is why my husband is gonna be a musician. And we're gonna be in a band together. And we're gonna be able to look each other in the eyes just like that! And for some reason I wrote 4:34 on my hand... I think it's because I love Justin and Andy and they're playing beside each othe ron that part!

I better quit talking, and you better start voting!

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