Saturday, July 17, 2010

Psalm 52 Will Show Up, Soon Anyways.

Oh, you don't know how tired I am. I went to a baseball game and it was quite hot out there. Then, I went somewhere else where I bumped my head underneath the stage grabbing three balls, (don't ask why.) and now here I am, too tired to even type a few things onto my blog.

My goal??? 180 followers by the time I'm sixteen! How can I fufill that??? I can't without you! I need you to do everything you can to make this blog the most popular it can be. I need your help. There are some features I need to help me know who's visitiing and how many are visiting. If you aren't visiting, trust me, I'll know...

So, on my "shopping but not shopping list", I need live traffic feed, and that thing that shows up at the bottom of your blog that shows how many visits there are.

But, most importantly, I need YOUR help to give me more followers! Please, send out emails to EVERY FRIEND YOU HAVE with my URL. I would like more than 180 followers, and I would like this to happen before age sixteen! Talk about my blog on your Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, AIM, everywhere. I trust you!

I'm too tired today, so Psalm52 is gonna have to wait... sorry:*(

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