Friday, July 2, 2010

Bible Challenge: YOU Willing To Take It???

I was listening to the song "Can't Take Away" by Mikeschair on the blog playlist and came across Job in my Bible during it. It totally has to do with Job in a way because it says:

"You can take away everything that I've been holding, you can take away the sun, you can take away the very air that I've been breathing, but you can't take away MY GOD."

Just as for Job, his health went downhill, his kids died, everything went down for him... No kidding, he was depressed. But he remained faithful in the LORD and received twice as many of pretty much everything. He had seven kids before--- so that's a lot. And that totally goes with the song: "You can't take away MY GOD!"

I started a Bible challenge lately during camp after I found a few verses I liked, so here's my Psalm for today:

Psalm 12:1-6
Help, LORD, for the godly are no more; the faithful have vanished from among men. Everyone lies to his neighbor; their flattering lips speak with deception. May the LORD cut off all flattering lips and every boastful toungue that says "We will triumph with our tongues; we own our lips--- who is our master?"
"Because of the oppression of the weak and the groaning of the needy, I will now arise," says the LORD. "I will protect them from those who malign them." And the words of the LORD are <3flawless=D like silver refined in a furnace of clay, purified seven times.

The verse(s) is (are) saying that even though everywhere you turn there is non-Christian acting people, trust me, Ke$ha is the perfect example of a person who not only probably isn't a Christian, but shows ungodlieness to EVERYONE. Everywhere you turn, someone doesn't believe in God or has a separate religion. (and Christianity is NOT a religion! Well, it's a religion but not a religion!) Everything has become horrible nowadays, and everyone thinks that they are in charge of themselves, but they're not. God's in charge. God is flawless and nothing is more perfect than Him, and HE owns our everything. That new DSi you got? That snazzy new car? The newest lipgloss? Your $40 purse? You may own that, but God owns YOU.

Check out the next Bible challenge, and see how Tenth Avenue North's song "Hold My Heart" almost matches Psalm 13!


  1. we wre doing dovotions one night when are leader told us to find a verse in the bible i opend my bible and here was psalms 12:1 closed my bible and opended it again and there on the very page was Psalms 12:1 i new that it wasn't and the i saw this and it was just a miracle well see ya hope P.S. yah i went your blog

  2. GREAT idea! I love looking in God's Word for songs. :) good job Hope!


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