Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Bible Challenge vs. Prayer Challenge

This is my OMG testimony, soon to be someone else's testimony. Charity was doing a thing which was praying for the unsaved, and you won't believe what happened!

Lacey* is a girl who goes to Charity's school. Her mom is Vietnamese and was born and raised there. (Lacey is a U.S. native I think) Her mom is a buddhist. Well, turns out....

Lacey's mom wants to go to church with us!!!!!!!! Prayer works!

The news on the Bible Challenge is that after we finish our Proverbs Challenge in August, we will begin a Love Challenge, which would be Song Of Solomon. Trust me, it's not mushy, but it is romantic and lovely. After that, we will have a walk with Jesus in Matthew, and perhaps learn how to fix your life. Afterwards, God will give us a Revelation, and by then, it should be the end of November! That is our Back To School Challenge. Then, come Winter, we will do a Prayer Challenge to pray---and learn to pray---about the things that bother us and much more.

After our Prayer Challenge, that should only last through Winter, we will do fun things for Spring. Learn about Spring Cleaning, and preparing for the best Summer of your life.

On February 24th, 2011, we will celebrate the 2nd Your Birthday Celebration. We will have $14 soft cover blog books for you to purchase from me. Expensive??? Think about it like this--- right now, we are (estimated) 30 posts away from 300 blog posts! I expect three more followers by then! That's a great price for so many posts! We will show every comment you commented and every photo I posted. You know it's a good deal!

I just wanted to let you know what my 2010-2011 School Year plans are. Bye!

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