Monday, July 26, 2010

Great Christian Blogs

Blogging sure doesn't start out very fun, no kidding. It takes awhile to learn how to blog CORRECTLY, how to correctly punctuate, to get people to comment on your blog, and to get followers. Most importantly, you need to get people to READ your blog. So, here are some REAL blogs that I recommend you to read.
The Goodwin Family
This blog rocks! Who's blogging it all? [ms.] Jenilee! Miss Jenilee's blog is probably (no offense to other great bloggers) the BEST blog I've EVER read! She has 100+ followers, and only needs sixteen more followers until she has 200. If you're already following her blog, follow mine. If you're already following my blog, follow hers. I learn so much from her blog and it helps me write better everyday.
Trumpet Soon
Are you already reading Rebecca Hoskins's blog??? It's great, and working on becoming the best blog ever! Becca writes great poems, and now is publishing them on her blog! (my idea.) Read her blog debut "Players" poem today! (it's probably been on Facebook already)
Starry Amazement is an average military brat/teenage girl/high school sophomore. Okay, so that's not so average. She's not literally a brat, though; and her name is not Starry Amazement. Some of you may even know who she is. She works hard on her blog, so you NEED to read it!!!
This blog is cool! Kayla [honestly] probably isn't even reading this, but she'll appreciate you reading her blog! I learn a lot about her life and a lot about what she does with it.

You have a life. I have a life. But what do you choose to do with your life???

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