Friday, July 30, 2010


Now, including the U.S., SEVEN countries are reading my newly-international blog! You're probably thinking: "What country? What country? WHAT COUNTRY?! Why won't you tell me???" So, now I am gonna tell you.

I saw Japan's flag show up on my NEW! Live Traffic Feed! That's great! Possibly, my family could know someone, but I highly doubt. I blogged to let you know:

If you have been doing any work telling people about my blog, THANK YOU! It doesn't have to be out of the country to matter! I've seen places pop up like:

-Portland, Oregon
-Salt Lake City, Utah (2002 Olympics!)
-Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
-Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
-Ococee, Florida (something like that.)
-West Palm Beach, Florida

And since I know where a lot of you live, I don't have to ask if you've visited this week or not! So, for those of you who have just about one last nerve because of me and my blog talk, you may get the rest of your nerves back. That is, unless your city doesn't show up...

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