Saturday, July 31, 2010

New-ER Country!

Countries from all over keep popping up on my Live Traffic Feed! You're probably like, "Okay, this girl has EIGHT countries now??? Seriously???" Well, yes, I do. And I'm not afraid to say what the new country is.


We're still waiting on:

-Anywhere in the Middle East
-Brazil... I think

This new thing also means:

-New music
-Learn a little bit of their language (I know, cool!)
-Buy a map and stick a needle everywhere someone's visited
-More Bible-based posts, less Me-based posts
-Giveaways! (awesome!!!)
-And I want EVERYONE who comments to make it appropriate!

This blog is ready to hit global status! Today, we're learning French. You will learn this simple convo:

Person 1: "Salut!"
Person 2: "Salut!"

Person 1: "Comment vas to?"
Person 2: "Tre Bien, comment vas to?"
Person 1: "Commeci, commeca" (spelled it wrong.)

Person 1: "Junepel Esperance."
Person 2: "Junepel Charity."

And so on... here's what I'm saying...

Person 1: Hi!
Person 2: Hi!

Person 1: How are you?
Person 2: Very good, how are you?
Person 1: Okay.

Person 1: My name is Hope.
Person 2: My name is Charity.

I hope you learned! Next time, who knows what language it'll be??? Notice I'm American, so I spelled a few things wrong...

Stick around for August!

"Au Revoir!"

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