Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Bible Challenge: Jeremiah EXCLUSIVE!

I changed it--- no Isaiah exclusive, it was changed to a different book that you'll find out later.

We just lost our THIRD volleyball game. Oh, shucks. Then, afterward; me, Yasmeen, Yasmeen's mom, and my dad went to the other side of the gym and watched the adults do volleyball... like THAT made me feel any better!

Okay, this world is CRAZY. Good thing the prayer camp starts in a matter of DAYS!!! So excited! You know what this means? I'm making it more intense than it was ever before:

-No makeup AT ALL. Just moisturizer, lip balm, and grooming tools.
-No hair dyes.
-No Twitter.
-No YouTube--- well, that depends.
-No Gymnastics, of course.
-No high heels

So yeah... if you're still willing to join, go on... you can make your own rules, too. But I can still blog! Blogging helps me just tell everything in my own way. You can say I'm addicted to the computer, but what I need is gazillion notebooks for my birthday. I'd really appreciate that. And an iTunes card. And the new Bath&Body Works fragrance. And the "True Images" Bible. And a journal. But yeah, that's all. And candy corn.

So, my point is, the world is easy to get sucked in to. Another thing for me? Getting off subject. But anyways... (see, I got off subject AGAIN!) there's iPods, Facebook, gossip, drugs, ( alchohol... so much.

Ever heard of the cup of God's wrath? Harsh, huh? You're probably like, "what happened to 'God is love'?" What happened? Sin is what happened.

God isn't always sweet and tender. But He is always yours. He loves you, and trust me, he's got some tough love.

Jeremiah 25:27
Drink, get drunk and vomit, and fall to rise no more because of the sword I will send among you.

You're probably like, "that's kinda dark, Hope..." Yeah, it's a bit... not so bright, but I chose it because it spoke to me a little.

It's not literally about alchohol, but it's saying that just because God gives, that doesn't mean he doesn't take away. (read the challenge "Your Gift: From God".) People often take advantage of the fact that God's a giver. Don't we know he takes away, also?

It's not saying to get drunk, but it's saying God doesn't want you to take advantage of him.

I thought of Satan, though, because although he's bad and can twist up our thoughts into nasty things, one day God WILL defeat him, and he wil fall to rise NO MORE, because of...


The Bible is the... SWORD OF THE SPIRIT! That sword can defeat Satan like that. It's just that strong.

The world is a mind twister, especially with what we see on TV, like inappropriate dress, profanity, drugs, drinking, "serious relationships"... things that the world says is "OKAY" not always IS okay.

As a Christian, we need to keep the ways of the world out of our minds and only focus on God, ALL THE WAY.

"Yeah he loves us, oh how he loves us, oh how he loves us, oh how he loves us so."

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