Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Bible Break: News for the BEST Month of Challenges

Here's a Bible Break~

Here's some great news! There isn't two exclusives anymore--- we DOUBLED it! One is in Exodus, next in Matthew, next in Jeremiah, next in Isaiah. The verses (sometimes more than one!) will target these things:

-Don't abuse your animal... it may respond
-Which gate do you walk toward?
-Over, not UNDERNEATH the influence!
-"Lost in the Twilight" sequel?

So, we have many exclusives to extend our best month of challenges! The giveaway(s) will surely rock! They may smell good, they may LOOK good, they may be good quality... you'll like it!

On the thirty-first, we'll have a post on the history of Halloween. Want a sneak peek? Here it is:

You may not wanna celebrate Halloween anymore.

I'm excited about this whole last month of challenges thing... "Give me a revelation!"

My TBC song:
"How to Save a Life"-The Fray

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