Saturday, February 20, 2010

Womens' Aerials: Ski Jumping, New Book

Oh my gosh, I found this sport that I really like, which is ski jumping, and is probably the closest sport you'll find to gymnastics. They jump off of this HUGE ramp, and do this triple back full (twisty layout) in the air, and have to stick the landing. Maybe after gymnastics I'll try ski jump. Scary, but it seems really fun!

More news on the Vancouver games to come!
-Lindsey Vonn wins the gold
-Apolo Ohno wins the silver
-Shaun White wins the gold
-Male figure skater (unknown name) wins the gold

Also, if you really wanna get deep into the winter games even after they are over, check out my story, Mandy Jacobs' Olympic Story.

Mandy Jacobs starts out as a seven-year-old girl who has a desire for speed skating. Her parents were both Olympic figure skaters, and that's how they met. Mandy's mother was proposed to on ice, and Mandy's dreams are on ice too.

Mandy's parents divorce before Mandy even knows her dad well enough. At just ten years old, she moves to Hershey, Pennsylvania. She hates it, but eventually gets used to it.

She misses her friends, gets harrassed at school, but still trains hard for her dream. She also soon realizes something else--- she wants to figure skate too. She trains on frozen ponds, soon becoming better and better before Olympic level.

But her speed skating dreams are nearly crushed when she is shoved out of the way at the World Championships for Womens' Short Track when she is fifteen. She has severe cuts on her leg, memory loss, and a broken arm, but still believes.

Will she meet Apolo Ohno, (Cutie pie!) or stay in the town of chocolate? Ages 9+

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