Friday, February 12, 2010

Childhood IS a Memory

Right now I'm watching the Olympics--- Oh my gosh! This sixteen-year-old is singing "Oh Canada" this moment as I type! I love the Olympics!

Do you think the Summer Olympics get more of the fame than the Winter Olympics? If so, why?

Okay, so recently, I was in the nursery as a preschool teacher, and I was babysitting a little girl named Cassie. Cassie is... wow. She's energetic in ways that can drive you crazy. But adorable, too. So I was teaching her, and all of a sudden, while I am watching her and a few other girls, I find myself forced to play with the dollhouse with her. I haven't used a dollhouse since I was like, seven, so what was I suppose to do?

Eventually, I caught on to it and actually, and HONESTly, I had fun. It reminded me of four years ago when I actually had fun doing this. And then I went over to watch the kids playing with Legos.

So I went over there and one kid like, I don't know how to say this; bribed, forced, demanded me to play with them and build something so at the time, my mind was focused on winning a gold medal at the soon to come, 2020 Olympic games. I dreampt of meeting Shawn Johnson and getting her autograph, so I imagined what her medal looked like. Every athlete has a different medal, and she got one, just one, gold medal for the balance beam. Hers was, of course, gold and square with a torch on it that I couldn't draw. So I made a yellow, square thing with red on the necklace part.

So I had to be like, PULLED away from the Legos, and went on to giving out snacks. (I think I pigged out on those.) So yeah, a little stomach ache when I got home, but all peachy otherwise. (Get it? Peachy? If you remember Peachy Enchanted, you do.) And then we lifted the kids and twirled around.

I had more fun as a teacher than I did as the student! I honestly had more fun than the kids. So yeah, I'm just saying that every once in a while, try to remember one thing you had fun doing as a [younger] kid.

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  1. Haha Hope Cassie is Cameron's little sister she can be a ummmmmm rather crazy ball of energy. :) hope your science fair project goes well!


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