Friday, February 5, 2010


You should just see my dog right now! I put her outside for like, the longest time and she has a leash out there because one of our fences came down because of Ike, and so, she tangles herself around the play set, (swings, slide, bars) and then around our relaxation swings, pulls the relaxation swings and leaves what looks like her getting caught in a booby-trap.

So then, when she got inside, I wrapped a warm (and my own I got for my ninth birthday that I really like!) blanket around her and made a cute little bow tie, so she looks like Little Red Riding Hood! I know, cute, right? But then, just as I WOULD HAVE taken a picture with my new camera, Lexi shakes it off! And I thought she loved that blanket! Dogs are so crazy...

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