Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Cheerleaders Show Some Spirit For Their 183rd Birthday!

Johnny Campbell is football, soccer, and basketball's hero. Back in the 1800s, his school, University of Minnesota, was having a three-game losing streak, and he was not happy about it. So he created a cheerleading team to show the world he had some spirit and introduced our world to organized cheerleading. And his team won. Didn't think cheers and chants were helpful, huh?

Johnny is our hero. I would not be a cheerleader today, neither would my friend Andrea, or Chelsea, or Lissa. And it is fun, it's just when you do it for so long... this is my third year cheering, on TWO SQUADS. I've actually been on THREE squads in the entire time I've been a cheerleader.

I went to Grace Community, then Premier Athletics, and am currently at FAITH doing a club/squad, and still at Grace, too. Premier Cheer was... okay, but not really a challenge for me.

So happy birthday, cheerleaders around the U.S./world, and eat some cake! (I ate my mom's)

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