Thursday, February 25, 2010


I'm am happy, sad, you know, you don't know, but you know! Well, this is just like that.

My coach (might) be transferring gyms (in other words, quitting her job at my gym)and I am so so happy about that.

She might go to a gym in New Carlisle, which is not too far from my house, and I have a friend down there who doesn't seem too far away if you take 71 or 75. I don't know. (In other words, the friend would be Izzy)

She might co-own the gym, but I'M NOT SURE. So yeah, I might transfer to:

That gym
Dayton Academy
True Winner In God's Service (TWIGS gymnastics&cheerleading)
TOPS (Kids Are TOPS)

So yeah, that's my choices. But if I do transfer, I'm gonna have to buy:

A Grip Bag
A New Leo which I have to buy anyway

So in a way I WANT to switch gyms, but kinda don't. and btw, here is bad news:

My hip hurts whenever I do the splits, so I can't do it anymore! Now, I probably am gonna have to learn the splits all over again... ugh.

What did you think of the story of Apolo Ohno and his father? Sweet? Lovely? Sad? Beautiful? And if you didn't hear his story, here is a sub. question:

I want to know what happened to Apolo Anton Ohno's mother. (we all know Yuki)Research why his father is always with him but Mrs. Ohno never is. I will comment three times this week on your blog in return to anyone who does so.

And, if you are really interested, you may be enabled to answer not the first, not the second, BUT BOTH questions! So act fast!

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