Sunday, February 7, 2010

Homeschooled No More

My parents homeschool me and obviously they must really like it because I have not put a foot inside of a middle school yet. I would say I haven't even entered a school's hallways, but that's false, because I've been to Wayne for tennis matches and choir concerts.

But today---actually YESTERday---is the day I decide to be private schooled.

I love where I take gymnastics, and being homeschooled, I only get like, three pages of homework per week in the three school setting classes I take, Bible History w/ Ms. Rhonda, American Civics History w/ Ms. Robin, and Science/Biology w/ Ms. Maida.

But here is the change I want to happen: I'm going to a gymnastics school.

Okay, I'm unofficially going, but I'm gonna get my parents to have me apply to a nearby school that is, whatever school I find.

I chose a gymnastic school because on YouTube, the channel OlympicDreamsTexas, there's these girls who are at the gym 30 hours per week in level 7 and up! That's only three levels higher than me, and I'm trying to move up to level 5 again! So these nine-year-old girls at the youngest and eighteen-year-old girls at the oldest have a classroom in their gym with one certified public school teacher teaching them! Although, the girls who are public schooled go to the gym at 4:15-7:30. My mom thinks that's too long to be practicing, but how? These girls are the future United States Gymnastics Team. These girls are the next Mary Lou Retton.

Yes, if I hear a YES! I will miss Teens' Night Outs and FAITH meetings and being with my friends Becca, Leah, and Kayla, (Maria is my friend too, but I see her on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, and sometimes Saturdays!) but I really would like to say I at least made it to the Olympic Trials, or Junior Olympics.

And check out and listen to my new playlist with new songs like:

Pirates Amber
Shawn Johnson 2008 (August Rush music)

and old songs like:

I'll Find My Own Way (my level 4 song, please listen!)
Pink Panther (Level 5 song)
and National Treasure Suite!


  1. Ok Hope I'm a little confused you want to go to a gynasticks gym and be schooled there?! that sounds like being a little overworked to me! Anyway don't mind me you can choose ;)

  2. Yeah it really does sound like being overworked. I do see what you mean, but the only reason I want to go there is because 1. It is really similar to homeschool 2. I would like to go to Worlds someday 3. It just sounds like a fun way to be schooled! But I do understand that the school probably costs A LOT of money! I honestly doubt I'll go there:*(

  3. Sry for the looooong comment;)

  4. Haha yah the coment wasnt that long yah its prob like 10,000 a year!


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