Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Interstate Chapter 12

It was a snowy day on Christmas Eve. I remember when McKenna told me that she wanted her wedding to be on a snowy day, on Christmas. This was no wedding though, it was her funeral. I'm sure McKenna had hoped she'd marry someone before death, and I thought I could marry her, but, hey, I'm still alive and she isn't, so I don't know about that.

Her funeral had just ended a minute ago, and everyone was crying. Especially her family. Her dad was bawling his eyes out, her younger sister, Chyna, was silently crying, and her older sister, Kaleigh, was comforting their dad. McKenna's coffin was wide open, so you could see her face. She still had that faint little smile on her face, clear complexion, and shimmery face with blue eyeshadow, her favorite as Kaleigh told me, Coral Snow from Eby's Beauty Store down the street. Her pink highlights were not in her hair anymore, but her hair was just brown, with curls from Heaven.

HEAVEN! Maybe that's why she's smiling! Jeremy was not a Christian, and notice, he had his eyes tightly shut, but McKenna's were peaceful. His lips were frowning, while hers were in a grin. But then that also meant...


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