Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Did I tell you Sunday was my mommy's birthday? It's Tuesday now, but happy birthday Mom! And she sadly is not here to read this, but at her job, she reads my blog sometimes, in fact, she reads almost all of my blogs, so I hope she sees this!

You might have guessed why I wasn't at church on Sunday according to weather. But it was a relaxing day with Mom!

And the fourth was Charity's birthday. She's sixteen now! Yes, she was hosting a sweet sixteen party, but there had to be a bad storm that day, and even her friends that could literally WALK to our house couldn't make it. These were all school friends. Jackie's mom didn't want her to come because of weather, Rozina lives quite far and the snow was bad, Valerie is my neighbor that lives (LITERALLY!) ten seconds away. Yeah, I've even counted. If I walk, that's about fifteen seconds from my house. But if I'm really excited and bored, I'm there literally ten seconds after hanging up the phone! She couldn't come because she had a 99.2 fever.

Charity's gift from me was to get another ear piercing at Claires, since the last time she pierced her ears was when she was like, six months old. Then on the seventh I got my mom some crystals shaped like hearts to use as paperweights from Marshall's. Then I got her a four-pack of gum, but I had to take JUST ONE for myself! And lastly, she also got not one, but TWO lip gloss duos! So really, she got FOUR lipglosses from me! (I tried to make a bargain, but she's not giving away those glosses any time soon!)

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