Monday, February 22, 2010

Olympic Emabarrasment (has fashion and etiquette been forgotten?)

It is a historical moment in Olympic history. Shaun White wins a medal. And the crowd goes wild!

"He goes into his DoubleMcTwist, and he lands it! Gold for White!" Shouts the announcer. Everybody screams. "I can't believe it..." Says Shaun. But if you see the replay, Shaun's amazing performance becomes disgusting. (Acting, not originally said.)

"Ooh. Shaun should've bought some tighter pants..." The announcer says. he sees Shaun's underwear. His golden underwear that says "Vancouver" written all over it. (okay, it's not really gold and does not say Vancouver, but I have underwear that says "Olympic." Okay, back to the subject.)

Shaun happens to be wearing baggy pants and a red, plaid shirt. Unacceptable! What is Shaun supposed to look like--- In fact, what is AMERICA supposed to look like? What are we, unfashionable, not dressed well, baggy-pantsed Americans? That sickens me!

Now, lets navigate away from America's mens' snowboarding uniform, and let's focus on the devastating, embarrasing, etiquette issues.

The girls have the same uniform issues, but let's talk about the girls' nasty etiquette.

We are lucky I didn't see the Americans doing this, because I would've traveled all the way to Canada and gave them a lecture, but the etiquette of other teams are worse than our American girls would think of:

Texting and playing music on their phones.

Now how insulting is THAT to me, A GIRL?! Makes women look... idk... rather bored? They look like they don't care. Doesn't this sound wrong?

"Oh well, I made it to the Beijing Olympics and beat like, every gymnast, so why do I care about being here? I'm like, a champion! Why stress out? I'm just gonna text my boyfriend."-Alicia Sacramone (didn't really say that)

Yes, it sounds wrong, because ALICIA NEVER SAID IT. Alicia has never texted before a floor routine. Alicia has never listened to her iPod during her uneven bars routine. Because she's smart.

Now, the other girls are smart, but seriously, you gotta think before you just stick your cell phone in your pocket snowboarding, and end up FALLING. Could've crushed your phone. And that's for you, whoever did that! You don't text when you're on deck. (shout out to you, too.) You don't play music on your phone when you're at the Olympics. (dumb thing, whoever did that.)

And you ESPECIALLY DON'T pick up the phone RIGHT BEFORE your snowboarding routine! Now whoever did that, you must've hit your head on your board, because that was NOT smart!

Act like the guys at the Olympics and don't make these mistakes! Enough said.


  1. Hi Hope those uniforms were pretty weird but thats the way most "cool" people dress these days oh and Shaun Jonson was on a dog show on animal planet last sunday they showed her playing with dogs and her pet Golden Retriever.
    She was screaming for the dogs in the show.

  2. SEAN WHITE IS MY HERO!!! I <3 HIM!! lol :)

  3. Hey Leah I thought you didn't do blogging anymore? oh well whatever


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