Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Summer Poetry: Glistening

I can see the look on your face tonight
It's brighter than the brightest star in heaven
And your smile is white
But I start to see less of it every day,
How it was glistening.
You were chubby, I was short
Now you're slender, I'm 5'9"
It's funny how much we've changed
It's only been four years
Yet we look back and we're not the same.
If I could have one more day of us
If I could see your face, it would be all I need
You're stolen
You're missing
I'm heartbroken
You're glistening.
There's a spark in you that everyone knows
And I want you to keep it right there
Don't ever fall in love with me,
I'll watch you from afar (not to sound like a stalker... sorry, I got out of character).
But you tried to put your joy in my heart
And when you unveil my face one day
You'll see that you've succeeded.

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