Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Summer Comedy: All Above That is Random

Christina Grimmie... learned my first piano song, "Liar Liar," so... thanks for writing it, maybe?
Just look at Sarah's facial expressions at 0:19, 1:33, and 1:53. I love Christina, but Sarah is absolutely hilarious here.
This one actually sounds like a real song... like, one I would actually buy. Mianly I like the choir at 2:44. The girls at 3:05... you can tell they're black (not being racist, guys... remember, I'm black, too) because of the insane sopranos. With black girls, you're either a low alto or a screaming soprano. You always go all the way. So I'm proud to be a black alto. The boys at 3:09 you can tell... aren't black because... I don't know, does that sound black to you? Doesn't to me.
Who do YOU think is the better rapper? As of swag, it's Christina. As in ability, well, you can't really tell because the girls were given two different raps. But going by this, it's Christina.

Well, just a little something to make hump day a little happier.

Happy last day of school, kids form my school!

"Fraggedy wakka a waka"!

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