Sunday, June 24, 2012

Summer Fashion: Try Your Own Style!

I love this style guide by Seventeen magazine's staff. Sure, I may not be that old (which is very frustrating--- at a church I was visiting they give you name tags that also say what year you're graduating in, and the wrong year was listed for me, so now they think I'm a frickin' middle schooler when I'm a freshman! And then I got kicked out of a shoppping place that's popular in my area because it was past nine and I'm under sixteen. Ugh.), but I can still enjoy the extras the staff has to offer!

Why read this book? Because it's not full of "you can't do this" and "you can't do that." It's full of possibilities. Whether you're a girly girl, an inner rock star, bohemian, the classic prep, or in love with all things indie, you will love this book. It has helped me put two outfits together.

What's to love? It doesn't list $200 and $500 things, like you may find in TEEN VOGUE (and seriously, what teenager who is in their sane mind, wants to go to college, and has a minimum wage paying job is going to spend that much?), but it's a whole bunch of stuff that if you have any taste in fashion, you probably already have in your closet. It just shows you how to make it work. Again, unlike TEEN VOGUE, it doesn't make you feel bad becuse you get reduced lunch and can't exactly afford Louis Vuitton right now.

I love this book because it was made for REAL teenage, middle-class girls. Not Malia Obama, Elle and Dakota Fanning, not Victoria Justice, or Miley Cyrus, and DEFINITELY NOT Willow Smith. It'f for girls like me and you who live in the real world, in a reality where you can't be shelling out $1,000 for a purse.

It's being creative with what you already have, and that's why it's such a hit!

So what are you doing? Go to your local library and get it!

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